What is a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA)?

Certified Energy Analysts are CABEC members who demonstrate their mastery of the Residential and/or Nonresidential California Energy Standards through the following steps.

  1. Pass the appropriate (Residential and/or Nonresidential) CEPE Exam.
  2. Have at least one year of experience performing energy compliance calculations.
  3. Participate in a Professional Practices Workshop (PPW), sponsored by CABEC.
  4. Attend at least six hours per year of continuing education training.

Since energy consultants are not regulated by the state, CABEC designed the CEA to be a statement of an energy consultant’s working knowledge and understanding of the California Energy Efficiency Standards. When an energy consultant is a Certified Energy Analyst it is a statement to a building department, builder, architect, or homeowner of the professional skills and knowledge of that energy consultant.

The 2008 CEA Roster is provided in two different formats: Numerical Ascending Order by Zip Code and Alphabetical by Name. Each member listed below holds at least one current (up-to-date) CEA certification for one or both of the following categories — Residential or Non-Residential.

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