HVAC Resources

Sizing does matter!

Important guidelines for properly designing and sizing HVAC equipment.  If you have been told that the Title-24 compliance report is what determines the size of the HVAC system you need to read this!

Air Conditioning Contractors of American Quality HVAC Installation Specifications

(excellent resource for HVAC specifications for residential and commercial projects)

Manual D Duct Design Guidelines & Checklist

(For residential air duct designs ACCA’s Manual D is the procedure recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and specifically required by residential building codes.)

AHRI Directory of Certified HVAC equipment performance

Verify equipment efficiencies, capacities and match coils to air handling units to determine actual EER values at this useful site, no need to guess at equipment performance or rated efficiency.

Residential Quality HVAC installation checklist

You truly get what you pay for and this checklist will assist homeowners in evaluating the capabilities of different HVAC companies and the proposals they submit. The questions on the checklist will help you understand the requirements contained within a nationally-recognized HVAC quality installation standard, and the explanations detail “what’s in it for you.” If you seek value, rate your contractor – before you rate the price.

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