Title-24 Calculations

Currently California is enforcing the new 2013 Title-24 Building Energy Standards which took effect July 1, 2014.

Title-24, Title-24

Title-24 compliance involves trade-offs between building components such as glass area, insulation levels, thermal mass, overhangs, HERS inspections, HVAC efficiency and building orientation. We take your plans and determine the most cost-effective approach to compliance with Title-24. We’ll need the following drawing files in order to perform the calculations: click here

Title-24, Title-24

When our analysis is complete we’ll prepare the compliance report and send you (3) copies stamped and signed along with the required Title-24 Certificates of Compliance in .tif format for insertion into your CAD drawing files. All our work is guaranteed thru plancheck. We are Title-24 CEA Certified Energy Analysts and  CEPE Certified Energy Plans Examiners

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