2008 Residential Certificates of Installation

Title-24, Title-24

Installation Certificate – CF-6R-ENV

CF-6R-ENV-01 – Envelope – Insulation; Roofing; Fenestration
Installation Certificate – CF-6R-ENV-HERS
CF-6R-ENV-20-HERS – Building Envelope Sealing
CF-6R-ENV-21-HERS – Quality Insulation Installation (QII) – Framing Stage Checklist
CF-6R-ENV-22-HERS – Quality Insulation Installation (QII) – Insulation Stage Checklist
Installation Certificate – CF-6R-LTG
CF-6R-LTG-01 – Residential Lighting
Installation Certificate – CF-6R-MECH
CF-6R-MECH-01 – Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
CF-6R-MECH-02 – Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems (SDHW)
CF-6R-MECH-03 – Pool And Spa Heating Systems
CF-6R-MECH-04 – Space Conditioning Systems, Ducts and Fans
CF-6R-MECH-05 – Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation
CF-6R-MECH-06 – Evaporatively Cooled Condensing Units
CF-6R-MECH-07 – Evaporative Coolers
CF-6R-MECH-08 – Ice Storage Air Conditioning (ISAC) Units
Installation Certificate – CF-6R-MECH-HERS
CF-6R-MECH-20-HERS – Duct Leakage Test – Completely New or Replacement Duct System
CF-6R-MECH-21-HERS – Duct Leakage Test – Existing Duct System
CF-6R-MECH-22-HERS – HSPP/PSPP Installation; Cooling Coil Airflow & Fan Watt Draw Test
CF-6R-MECH-23-HERS – Verification of High EER Equipment
CF-6R-MECH-24-HERS – Charge Indicator Display (CID)
CF-6R-MECH-25-HERS – Refrigerant Charge Verification – Standard Measurement Procedure
CF-6R-MECH-26-HERS – Refrigerant Charge Verification – Alternate Measurement Procedure
CF-6R-MECH-27-HERS – Maximum Rated Total Cooling Capacity
CF-6R-MECH-28-HERS – Low Leakage Air Handler Verification
CF-6R-MECH-29-HERS – Supply Duct Compliance Credits – Location; Surface Area; R-value
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