What is a CEPE and why hire one for your project?

We carry the CEPE credentials necessary for the California Solar Initiative (Go Solar California).

The required Title-24 energy calculations must be prepared and stamped by a state certified Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE)  before they will be accepted by the utility.

We are also state certified HERS PV raters

What energy efficiency levels are needed to qualify for the program?

Residential buildings must achieve an Energy Commission specified level of energy efficiency beyond the Title 24 Standards to be eligible for incentives for solar systems. Participating residential buildings are required to meet one of the tiers of energy efficiency shown below:

Tier I – 15 percent reduction in the residential building’s combined space heating, space cooling and water heating energy compared to the current Title 24 Standards.

Tier II – 35 percent reduction in the residential building’s combined space heating, space cooling and water heating energy and 40 percent reduction in the residential building’s air conditioning energy compared to current Title 24 Standards.

The Tier I level is a minimum condition for participation in the NSHP. The Tier II level is intended to differentiate builders who make greater commitment to energy efficiency, aiming for immediate positive cash flow to homeowners and to encourage builders to move towards zero energy new homes. The Tier II level is consistent with what is being accomplished by California builders participating in the national Building America program.

In addition, for either Tier I or II, each appliance provided by the builder must be ENERGY STAR if an ENERGY STAR designation is applicable for that appliance.

Contact a Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE), certified by the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC), to evaluate building plans and suggest a menu of energy efficiency options to attain Tier I and Tier II levels. You must have a CEPE complete and certify energy-efficiency documentation for the NSHP and utility new construction energy efficiency programs.

A more detailed explanation is available here:

We prepare, review and stamp the required Title-24 documentation showing compliance 15% better than the minimum Title-24 energy code which is required for submittal into the solar incentive programs and  by all utilities.

A CEPE (Certified Energy Plans Examiner) has demonstrated a broad level of understanding and experience with California’s Title-24 Building Energy Standards and has gone through extensive training in both the Residential and Non-Residential Title-24 energy codes. Hiring a CEPE certified energy consultant brings a trained, certified energy code expert on your design team.

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